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    Non-Immigrant Visa


    There are millions of people throughout the world who want to immigrate to the United States permanently or come to the US temporarily for business or personal reasons. United States immigration laws are very complex.

    There are many factors that play a role in decision making process of the US government, when deciding whether to grant a foreign national the right to come to the United States.

    It is simply impossible, even for an experienced lawyer, to answer a question “Can I come to the United States?” without the knowing detailed information about the potential immigrant. Before this question could be answered competently, an experienced immigration professional needs to ask a potential applicant for a US visa series of questions. Upon receiving truthful answers, additional questions may have to be asked. Only upon receipt and analysis of a great deal of information, we are able to render an opinion in regards to a question posed by you.

    Only if we decide that a visa could be issued to you, we will inform you of our opinion and the best approach to your immigration goals. We do not accept cases where we believe that an applicant may not be able to enter the US.