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    Immigration and Tax Law


    Taxation is probably, the second most complicated area of law following the immigration law. Most of the immigration lawyers would shun this area of law due to its bureaucratic nature and refer a client to a tax attorney. Moreover, some immigration attorneys may unknowingly overlook important immigration implications directly connected with the subject of taxation.

    For example, a failure to file an annual tax return and/or failure to pay taxes may jeopardize client’s ability to obtain status of a Legal Permanent Resident (“Green Card”) or have his application for naturalization (“US Citizenship”) denied. A holder of a non-immigrant E-2 Treaty Investor visa, who failed to file his income tax for his American business, may have his visa extensions denied. One of our attorneys has over 10 years of experience dealing with various tax issues and we CAN help our clients with their tax matters. Our lawyers know how to prevent costly tax mistakes and how to SAVE you money based on your immigration status.

    Did you know that a Legal Permanent Resident can file a Joint Tax return with his non-US resident alien spouse?

    Neither do many tax or immigration professionals.

    Our immigration lawyers will assist our clients to obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number (“ITIN”) from the department of Internal Revenue Services. ITIN does not give an alien right for employment, however it will allow a client to pay his/her taxes in timely manner.

    If a client is having financial difficulties with an Internal Revenue Services (“IRS), our attorneys will negotiate with IRS to obtain an installment agreement, payment modification or other forms of settlement.

    If our client received a letter from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) with request for an additional evidence regarding tax issues, our attorneys will not refer this client out but will resolve this matter in fast and professional manner in-house

    Knowing the right solution for a right client distinguishes our Connecticut law firm from other lawyers. We offer comprehensive one stop solutions and we make immigration happen.

    Please contact our Connecticut immigration attorneys to schedule your FREE case evaluation to protect your immigration rights in the tax matters.